Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer – Tornado Loss


After a direct hit from an EF-3 tornado, an agricultural equipment manufacturer faced a significant challenge. In response, ILC was enlisted, and quickly arrived onsite to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the manufacturing equipment and showroom machinery. The affected assets were scattered across various buildings and demonstration/staging areas within a sprawling one-mile industrial campus. The gravity of the situation was evident in the initial insurance loss estimate, surpassing $100 million. Furthermore, the immediate equipment losses were expected to exceed $50 million, underscoring the severe impact of the tornado on the company’s infrastructure and assets.


    • ILC’s site visits revealed an extensive inventory of manufacturing machinery, exceeding 1700 capital assets spread across multiple campus buildings.
    • Beyond the structures, additional property featured rows of finished agricultural machinery earmarked for outdoor demonstrations and sales staging, aligning with the tornado’s path of impact.
    • ILC meticulously assessed damage to vital business equipment, with a focus on relocating useful and repairable components to temporary work cells within less impacted on-site structures.
    • Further inspections targeted finished equipment awaiting distribution, identifying unimpacted, saleable machinery. This approach facilitated swift off-site distribution shipments, minimizing business interruption.
    • Simultaneously, the strategy supported effective remediation efforts on the campus, highlighting ILC’s commitment to comprehensive and efficient damage control.


    • In close collaboration with the insured, ILC conducted a meticulous effort to swiftly identify recoverable equipment assets from the damaged and collapsed structures, aiming to minimize business interruption.
    • These intensive recovery endeavors resulted in substantial loss reductions for the equipment, slashing the initial machinery ROM value by over $20 million. Remarkably, manufacturing and finished goods shipments were able to resume operation within a mere few days of the loss event.