Who We Serve

We serve a wide range of carriers and consulting organizations dedicated to helping businesses get back up and running after a loss or crisis.


When working with insurers, ILC understands the importance of expediting the investigation, finding the truth, remaining objective, serving the insured, reducing uncertainty, and controlling claim and business interruption costs and exposure.

Our clients at the many insurance companies ILC works with are:

  • Property adjusters
  • Liability adjusters
  • Boiler and machinery specialists
  • Equipment breakdown specialists
  • Inland marine adjusters
  • Subrogation professionals
  • Lloyd’s of London market
Loss Adjusters

With the varying sizes and growing complexity of claims today, carriers often turn to highly experienced field claims professionals to adjudicate and manage multimillion-dollar claims and catastrophes. When these claims escalate to over one million dollars in value, adjusters and insurance carriers need the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals at ILC.

With a diverse and growing client portfolio, ILC consultants understand every side of a claim and will work with clients and the insured to remedy and manage a loss location from a catastrophic post-loss scene, moving it forward, and reverse engineering the claim to pre-loss condition.

The ILC client base consists of:

  • Senior Executive General Adjusters
  • Executive General Adjusters
  • National General Adjusters
  • Regional General Adjusters
  • General Adjusters
  • Large Loss Property Claim Professionals
Legal Professionals

ILC has worked on many high-valued, litigated matters all over the country providing consultation services, expert opinions, and witness testimony. The licensed and qualified consultants at ILC can provide services on legal cases involving cause of loss, product liability, failure analysis, and much more.

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Document review
  • Product liability
  • Forensic litigation
  • Subrogation
Risk Managers

Risk Managers have the large responsibility of determining the types of risks that could affect a company’s financial health, well-being, and reputation. They need the best companies to help them during times of litigation, incidents, accidents, and disasters that threaten a property and its assets.

ILC understands that machinery, equipment, and other assets are all critical parts of the successful operation of any business. ILC provides a variety of services to help businesses protect themselves when they need it most.

Expedite recovery.
Understand the difference between repair and replacement of damaged equipment.
Saving money and time after a fire, water, equipment failure or other disaster affects the daily operation of a business.
Understand the costs of damage following a claim through the team of experts and consultants at ILC who can provide ACY and RCV values, provide consulting services to expedite repairs if needed or replacement of machinery and equipment.
ILC has provided decades of service to a variety of businesses, especially:

  • Manufacturers
  • Food Processing Operations
  • Chemical Plants
  • Hospitals and other Medical Facilities
  • Energy
  • Schools and Public Entities
TPA/Self Insured

The ILC team has been working with TPA firms and business owners for more than 30 years and is skilled at consulting clients on best practices to return businesses effectively and efficiently to pre-loss condition after a claim event. ILC can provide expert advice and support to clients regarding their machinery and equipment including evaluating the performance pre- and post-loss, identifying areas for improvement, and providing recommendations for upgrades or enhancements.

The industries and businesses where ILC have consulted working with TPA firms and self-insureds include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Education and other Public Entities
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agricultural Operations
  • Chemical Plants
  • Ethanol Plants
Owner/Operator/Business Owner

​With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge consulting on equipment and machinery claims from a variety of industries, ILC consultants are often called on to consult on equipment losses that are under the insured’s deductible. ILC can help business owners assess the scope of the damage, identify areas of risk pre- and post-loss, provide cost evaluations for equipment repairs and replacement, provide project management, and provide recommendations and guidance for new equipment. Our approach is always objective and unbiased and the experience ILC has with thousands of different types of equipment from various industries strengthens our integrity with clients.