CNC Machine Breakdown

ILC Assignment:

  • Inspect insureds damaged machine.
  • Determine if the machine is restorable to pre-loss condition.
  • If restorable, determine the scope of work to be completed, cost, and timeframe.
  • Provide RCV and ACV valuation for the damaged equipment.

    ILC Inspection Details:

    • ILC thoroughly inspected the machine to determine if it was restorable to pre-loss condition.
    • ILC reviewed the new replacement quote of $750,000 provided by the insured.
    • ILC noted damage to the CNC spindle.


    • The loss was caused by an operator error where the spindle crashed into the X-axis, not a defect on the machine.
    • ILC determined the machine loss was feasible to restore to pre-loss condition.
    • ILC provided an ACV valuation of the equipment.
    • ILC obtained a repair quote that was $616,000 less than the insured supplied replacement quote.
    • ILC believes that once the B-axis is replaced and the geometry is adjusted the machine will be back to pre-loss condition and functionality.