Fire Pump System – Water Damage


The basement of a condominium building reportedly experienced a flood, subsequently damaging the fire pump controller, automatic transfer switch (ATS), and ancillary electrical equipment.

  • Conducted a site inspection.
  • Inventoried and examined the damaged equipment.
  • Confirmed that the damage was related to the reported cause of loss.
  • Validated the proposals to restore the damaged equipment.


  • The insured reported that the corrosion was caused by water contamination from the flood.

  • During ILC’s examination, we noted that moisture was present on the walls, however, the basement lacked evidence of a flood like a watermark.


  • Confirming corrosion on the top and base of the fire pump controller and ATS enclosures during the fire pump system inspection.

  • Noting deterioration of conduit and electrical supply meter due to corrosion in the fire pump equipment.

  • Inspecting the interior of the enclosure, finding no corrosion on internal electronics, and no evidence of water contamination.

  • Verifying operational status of the pump controller and ATS during the site inspection.

  • Attributing the corrosion to normally occurring moisture in the basement over time, rather than a flood event.

  • Validating reasonable repair proposals from multiple vendors, ensuring the use of Like, Kind, and Quality equipment.

  • Successfully reducing electrical supply repair cost by $3,635 with a repair quote obtained from the fire system vendor.