Flood Damaged Restaurant

ILC Assignment:

  • Site inspection in which restaurant equipment was damaged by floodwaters.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the equipment and create an inventory of those items.
  • Determine if the damaged equipment was a candidate for cleaning or repair, or if new replacements were required.
  • Acquire new replacement costs and estimate the ACV for items deemed destroyed.
  • Create a photographic record of the equipment.
  • Provide a written report to the adjuster of our opinions and findings
ILC Inspection Details:

  • During the visual inspection, ILC documented high watermarks up to 14”.
  • The walk-in coolers showed mud residue left behind from flood waters receding.
  • The main chef/prep line was deemed uneconomical for restoration or repair and required replacement based on the inspection.
  • Portable coolers in the front bar were deemed destroyed due to their electrical systems being submerged.
  • A beverage island, drink station, kitchen ranges, fryers and woks, dishwashing system, and numerous kitchen utensils and dishes were all candidates for cleaning and sanitizing.


  • ILC priced all destroyed items reviewed from inspection and estimated the ACV as $63,334.57.
  • ILC validated a complete replacement cost for all items deemed destroyed totaling $208,250.09.